Iterate’s New Software Lets You Bundle Tech APIs on Your Site … Fast & Easy

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Interplay Uses Drag-and-Drop Features to Rapidly Build, Test Prototypes and Put Them into Production launched a new groundbreaking Microservice platform called Interplay™ that lets enterprise customers for the first time rapidly deploy proof-of-concept prototypes and experiments.

How does it work?

The microservice makes it easy for teams to plug startup technologies into enterprise ecosystems and develop working, scalable prototypes, fast. We’re talking days instead of months. Those working prototypes become “containers” that can then be ported into production environments. This drastically cuts the time and work it takes for IT teams to roll out new technologies.

“This is the Legos for digital innovation,” says Brian Sathianathan, CDO and co-founder. He says that Iterate created Interplay because business leaders needed a nimble, rapid and modular approach to integrating and testing technologies.

Interplay’s new architecture relies on drag-and-drop capabilities, similar to Scratch, the popular children’s software for teaching coding. You can build your own apps by simply dragging pre-wrapped APIs from scores of innovative startups into another window. From there, you can combine multiple APIs and connect them to your own enterprise solutions or to internal or external databases which are also pre-wrapped for simple integration. This result? Digital recipes that are low-code, low-maintenance and modular.

In the end, Interplay minimizes the headache of legacy system integrations and lets execs build new software systems far faster, and, at a fraction of the cost. “You can triple the number of prototypes and triple the success rates for innovation teams,” Sathianathan says.

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