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We connect the dots for innovation.

So you’ve had that a-ha idea. You recruited the team, built and tested the tech.  Maybe you even landed investment dollars. You’re going to change the world. You just need to prove it.

And that means getting the attention of the right customer and actually signing a contract and starting a trial … It could take months. Years, even. How do you even begin?

That’s where Iterate.ai comes in. Think of us as the ultimate matchmaker between large enterprises and cutting-edge startups. We connect the dots for innovation.

We provide those crucial connections for startups and large enterprise companies, helping you find each other and work together — and do it as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  Because as we know, speed is innovation’s friend– and you may only have so much runway.

And we do this for you at no charge. So what’s the hook?

Well, Iterate isn’t just another accelerator or VC looking to take a big stake in your business. We don’t expect anything in return. Our team is made up of star technologists, entrepreneurs and business executives. We come from nimble innovative startups like yours, as well as from the big guys like Apple, PayPal, eBags and The Gap. We know from experience just how hard it is for both big companies and small startups to find each other, vet each other and get a beta trial going.

We’re incentivized to connect you to the right enterprise partner, the one that really fits — offering you expertise, introductions, software, and resources along the way. When we help you land a contract, then — and only then — do we get paid by the enterprise.

We’re invested in your success, because we’ve been there.

What we offer:

Better Discoverability

We work to deeply understand your technology so we can help you position it for success. That means highlighting your startup on our platform with profiles that will showcase your value to customers. Our intelligent technology Curate rates the best firms (you of course) and highlights them to great companies.  We’ve doubled our staff to bring Iterate smarter navigation, more intuitive design and just a better overall experience.

We’ve even partnered with former journalists — drawn from the likes of Fortune, Fast Company and Inc — to uncover and share your startup stories on our blog and in our newsletter that goes to key decision-makers at enterprise companies.

Customer Intros:

We’re in your court, helping you get in front of those valuable customers and talking you up to their teams. We can even help prep your team and your software prior to a big meeting based on feedback we’re getting from enterprise companies. We’ll make personal introductions, flying top startups like yours out to pitch key executives as part of our Tours of the Possible.

Fast, Painless Trials

Our PilotPass program extends trial licenses to approved startups for fast, simple procurement for a test run with a company. We provide a single, simple set of legal terms to expedite the contract phase. We’re talking a matter of weeks instead of a year to get going on a trial.

We’re also preparing to launch an innovative new app called Interplay, which lets you pre-wrap your APIs and upload them to the cloud. There, company execs can drag and drop those apps into their own corporate software systems. And… voila! Your app can be easily integrated— even paired with others— to create a quick and easy beta test. This takes minutes. Seriously. We’re calling it our Legos for Innovation.

The bottom line is this…

Iterate is not only your super power matchmaker, we’re your no-strings-attached partner. We’ve been there. On both sides. And our goal is to ensure your story and your technology are seen, heard and trusted by the people who matter.

How can we help your startup? Give us a shout today at hello@iterate.ai.

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